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Car Driving Lessons(Kerry Area Only)

South West School of Motoring know you need reassurance:

This is the South West School of Motoring where customer service and your success are our priority. We pride ourselves in the courses we have to offer and our mission is to not only help you pass first time but to give you the essential tools you need to remain a safe and competent driver for many years thereafter.

When choosing an Instructor you need to ask yourself these questions:

*Is my instructor Fully Qualified?
*I am a very nervous person, will the Instructor take this into account?
*I would like a female instructor?
*Is the instructor likely to be managing his business and making bookings in MY time?
*Or, Am I just an account number in a database of a large driving school?

We have both male and female Instructors at our School, our female instructor specialises in training people who are nervous and fearful of learning to drive in a calm and understanding manner. The South West School of Motoring is a Driving School and not an independent one man show. Then again we are not a national driving school where you are just a number! Big enough to cope and small enough to care.

€30 per lesson gets you the best in instruction and puts YOU on track to to greater independence.