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Minibus Driving Lessons at SouthWest School

Pass Your Test with our Minibus driving Lessons at Southwest School of Motoring in Ireland.

When the road ahead calls for expert minibus driving skills, Southwest School of Motoring is your go-to driving school. Specialising in Minibus driving lessons, our highly experienced instructors make sure you cruise through every twist and turn in your journey to becoming a proficient minibus driver.


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Bus Driving lessons

Why choose our driving school

When it comes to learning to drive a minibus, choosing the right driving school is essential. At our driving school, we have a team of qualified and patient instructors who are dedicated to providing high-quality driving lessons.

We understand that each student is unique, and we tailor our lessons to meet individual needs. Whether you are a complete beginner or have some driving experience, our instructors will ensure that you develop the necessary skills and confidence to become a competent minibus driver.

Personalised Learning Approach

Mental Preparedness and Confidence Building

Every individual is unique, and so are their learning styles and emotional responses. We embrace this uniqueness by providing a personalised learning approach for each of our students.

At South West School of Motoring, we understand that the journey is not just about learning to drive—it’s about learning to navigate the emotional landscape that comes with it. With our training program,  we prepare you to be a confident, resilient, and successful

Coach/Bus/Minibus Driving Lessons in Kerry, Cork and Limerick

Bus Driving Lessons (Category D)

Lessons are usually 1.5 hours in duration.

  • 1.5 hour lesson = €150
  • 1 hour lesson = €100
  • Use of vehicle for CPC only = €100
  • 1 hour pre-test plus the hire of bus for test-no CPC = €200
  • 1 hour pre-test plus the hire of bus for test- with CPC = €250
  • Package: 8 x 1.5 hour lessons-1 hour pre-test-hire of bus for test-CPC = €1,350 (saving of €100)

South West School of Motoring Bus/Minibus Driving Lessons Service

To commence lessons you need to sit and pass your theory test to obtain your learner’s permit. Once you are in possession of this permit, you can begin preparing for the practical driving test and also complete the CPC Driver Theory Test.

Getting Your Bus/Minibus Drivers Licence

Apply for a Theory Test (with Case Studies if needed) for category D (Bus)

1890 60 61 06

Once you have passed the Theory Test, you can now apply for your learner permit in category D (Bus) or D1 (Minibus).

0818 91 90 90

You must have a learner permit before you begin driving lessons

To book your lessons with our qualified Instructors, call us now on 087 6154841 or book on our website:

When applying for your driving test,  it is preferable that you apply for your CPC walkaround test at this time also, so they will be undertaken together on the same day. (This only applies if you are doing CPC and have the Case Studies done with the Theory Test)

096 25000

Want to be an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

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Did You Know?

With the professional driving lessons at South West School of Motoring, you’ll acquire skills that equip you to pass your test with flying colours.

More importantly, these lessons lay the foundation for a safe and successful driving career.